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“Softest shirt on Earth”

Shaggy Badger works with both local screen printers as well as on-demand printing companies to provide your band with quality and affordable merchandise. Based out of Salt Lake City we both buy and print our products locally. We make sure we only select the best type of material to print on. Unlike many merchandising services, we don’t cut corners. Our ink doesn’t crunch or fade, our shirts don’t shrink, and we’re always being told how soft our shirts are.

“A new way to do merch”

Along with providing merch, we offer an online platform for your band to sell your products online and at live events. We do this by creating a separate collection for your band on our site. This collection can also link to your band’s existing site. We also set you up with a point of sale system so you can sale your products at shows.


“No shirt, no problem”

Probably the main thing that sets Shaggy Badger apart from any other service is our point of sale system. This system together with our on-demand printing allows your band to never run out of a certain style of shirt, size, color, etc.

Run out of XL’s at the show? You can use this system to directly ship the desire product straight to the fan.

Don’t want to carry a ton of inventory on tour? Take a load off and keep it light!

Fan doesn’t want to carry around their merch all show? Ship it to them instead!

Shaggy Badger has the benefits of a fully functional merch store with none of the hassle. We take care of the inventory, manufacturing, shipping, and customer service.

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