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We had just gotten in the venue after standing around in the hot Colorado sun for a good 3 hours trying to get a good spot in line. This was the first time I’d been to Red Rocks so I wanted to get a good seat. The time in line was well spent talking to other My Morning Jacket fans as well as diving deep into a conversation about how some lady made a psychedelic, neon jacket out of glow paint, an almost exact replica of the one Jim James came out with that night (See photo). She wasn’t that far off. Once we staked out a good spot, and checked out the awesome views, I headed to the merch table. People were still coming into the venue and the line was already packed. I got behind a couple people that I thought were forming somewhat of a line and waited. This was pretty familiar territory for me. I try and make it to as many shows as I can and I usually like to pick up a shirt or poster to remember good times and support bands I love. The line was moving and I started to check out the options. When I got to the front I asked for a XL shirt and a poster. Turns out the guy in front of me snagged the last poster and they just ran out of XLs in the style of shirt I wanted. Not cool.
I settled for my second choice of shirt and left somewhat dissatisfied about the poster. Having gone to a lot of shows and experiencing similar situations, it got me thinking about how much cash bands miss out on and how many more satisfied fans they could have if they didn’t run out of product. With the love I have for bands, music, and live entertainment, I thought of an idea to fix the situation. 
It’s almost been a year since Shaggy Badger first started and a lot has changed. Over the first year we’ve supplied quality products to bands and have learned the challenges that bands face when it comes from selling merchandise. We’ve gone out and worked merch tables, built and refined websites, and have talked to a number of bands from a couple different areas about their take on merchandise. After all this research (And I almost feel bad calling it “research” because we’ve had quite the time doing it) it was time to find a solution. Our solution and promise, is to connect fans to their favorite bands through quality and affordable merchandise. To accomplish this goal, we’ve come up with the Shaggy Badger Pro that will be released later this month (Check out the next blog post to learn more). The Pro connects a point of sale card reader to a band’s online platform giving them loads of different benefits but maybe most importantly, it allows them to sell product at their shows even when they run out of sizes or styles. The band has the option to take a sale at a concert and Shaggy Badger will do all of the fulfillment, shipping, and handling. So, for example, I’m at Red Rocks, the guy in front of me buys the last poster and they’re out of my size of shirt. As a fan I have the option to buy the shirt and poster at the show, and have it shipped to me within a couple days. The system also works great for fans that don’t want to carry all of the merch they buy with them, but would rather it just be shipped to them. This example is just one of many benefits the Pro will offer for both bands and fans. 
Shaggy Badger is about connecting music lovers to the artists they love most. We’re made up of people that like going to shows and that are just as passionate about music as you are. We know how much it sucks to spend $35 on a shirt that shrinks in the wash or is terrible quality. We know the feeling of having the merch table run out of your size. We’ve been there. For those reasons, and many more, we’re committed to helping both fans and bands have a better merch experience. Welcome to Shaggy Badger.

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