Badger Bash to feature 6-band lineup, food, games


By Ty Bianucci

Shaggy Badger is pleased to announce the first annual Badger Bash, an all-ages concert event taking place Sunday April 13 at Kilby Court in Salt Lake City. In addition to free entry, the first 200 guests will receive a free hot dog.

Festivities will kick off at 3 p.m. when Ol’ Fashion Depot will take the stage. Following their performance, Michelle Moonshine will play, followed by Joshua’s Opera, The Sardines, Branson Anderson and The Lovely Noughts will be the final performer of the evening.

“Come hang out on a Sunday and throw some corn hole and shoot the breeze,” said Taylor Aramburu, owner of Shaggy Badger. “Free music, food and fun in downtown Salt Lake—what more could you ask for?”

While food trucks line up for hungry concert goers, take a chance to get out of the house and mingle with friends while listening to great local music. Raffles will be drawn throughout the night giving away artwork designed by local artists.

“These are some of my top six favorite local bands and I’m really excited to see them play,” Aramburu said. “I got the opportunity to be selfish a little bit and pick the bands I want to hear and I know will bring a good time.”

As well as having a relaxing Sunday evening, the Badger Bash will give local musicians an opportunity to discuss the Shaggy Badger system, which helps bands establish a merchandise inventory management system as well as an online platform. As the industry moves further and further away from music purchases in a streaming service-dominated market, Shaggy Badger’s innovative services help bands capitalize on merchandise sales, often their biggest money maker. 

Shaggy Badger provides bands with easy-to-use products and services in order to stay organized while removing the stress that typically accompanies merchandise management.

“We’re trying to invite as many music fans and people that are in bands to come and hang out and have a good time, but also to get feedback on how Shaggy Badger can better help them,” Aramburu said. “I’m excited about the event because a lot of bands think we’re just another printing company that prints merchandise, but we’re really starting something new and changing how the industry views merch.”

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