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A Brief History of Band Merch

Remember the last time you found yourself in a smoky theater, waiting in the merch line with steady beats and muted music coming from inside the venue? It’s a moment of anticipation, and it should be a good experience. Buying merch has become the best way for music fans to be reminded of the one time they heard that one band play that one show. In this sense, merchandise represents the connection that fans have to the artists they love and their willingness to support them. However, band merch hasn’t always been around, and making major money off of merchandise is an even more recent phenomenon.  History of the T-Shirt First, let’s talk about the history of the t-shirt, the...

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What's a Shaggy Badger?

What you might think of first: A small, territorial animal that is fierce and sort of terrifying. What you should think of first: An online merchandise management service for bands to help them sell more merch and connect with their fans. Why Does This Keep Happening?  I had just gotten in the venue after standing around in the hot Colorado sun for a good 3 hours while trying to get a good spot in line. This was the first time I’d been to Red Rocks, the famous amphitheater, so I wanted to get a good seat. The time in line was well spent talking to other My Morning Jacket fans, as well as diving deep into a conversation about how...

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Backseat Lover's Album Release

Backseat Lovers celebrate album release with a Saturday night show at Velour in Provo By: Ty Bianucci   One of Utah’s hottest bands, The Backseat Lovers, will perform at Velour in Provo on Saturday, January 26 in front of a sold-out crowd to celebrate the release of their first full-length album When We Were Friends. Opening for the Lovers is another trending name in the Utah music scene—Sammy Brue and the Grinders. Blue Rainboots will then hit the stage before the headliners make what will be their fifth appearance at the venue since the band’s conception less than a year ago. In June, they won Velour’s Battle of the Bands—just a year after front man Josh Harmon and guitarist Jonas...

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