What is a Shaggy Badger?

What you might think of first: A small, territorial animal that is fierce and sort of terrifying.

What you should think of first: An online merchandise management service for bands to help them sell more merch and connect with their fans.

Two night show at Red Rocks

I had just gotten in the venue after standing around in the hot Colorado sun for a good 3 hours while trying to get a good spot in line. This was the first time I’d been to Red Rocks, the famous amphitheater, so I wanted to get a good seat. The time in line was well spent talking to other My Morning Jacket fans, as well as diving deep into a conversation about how some lady made a psychedelic, neon jacket out of glow paint, an almost exact replica of the one Jim James came out with that night (See photo). Honesty, she wasn’t that far off.

Once I staked out a good spot and saw the awesome views of the Denver skyline, I headed to the merch table. People were still coming into the venue, so you can imagine that the line was already packed. I got behind a couple of people and started to wait in line for the second time that afternoon.

This was pretty familiar territory for me. I try and make it to as many shows as I can and I usually like to pick up something to remember good times and support my favorite bands. I quickly started to check out the options. When I got to the front I asked for a XL shirt and a poster. Turns out the guy in front of me snagged the last poster and they just ran out of XLs in the style of shirt I wanted. Not cool.

I settled for my second choice of shirt and poster, and I left feeling really dissatisfied. I could see that I wasn’t alone, as a lot of other fans dissipated from the line after seeing they were out of certain sizes and products. We were all disappointed.

This happens all the time…

This experience was not unique in my live music experience, and it got me thinking about how much cash bands miss out on when they run out of a product. A light bulb came on and I realized, through my personal disappointment, how many more fans would be satisfied with their experience if bands were able to better manage their merchandise.

And in that moment, combined with the love I have for bands, music, and live entertainment, the idea for Shaggy Badger was born.

It’s almost been two years since Shaggy Badger first started and a lot has already changed. Over the past couple of years we’ve supplied quality products to bands and have learned the challenges that bands face when it comes from selling merchandise. We’ve gone out and worked merch tables, built and refined websites, and have talked to a number of bands from a couple different areas about their take on the business behind their music.

Shaggy Systems

After all this research (I almost hesitate to call it “research” because we’ve had quite the time doing it), it was time to find a solution, and we did. It was to build an online, innovative system to help bands sell more merchandise. 

The Shaggy Badger system: 

– Creates (or connects) an e-commerce platform for bands

– Connects a band’s card reader to that online platform

– Allows bands to make sales at their shows, regardless of the amount of physical merchandise they have there and even if they run out

– Ships these orders directly to the customers 

Makes fans AND bands a lot happier with the merch experience

With Shaggy Badger, my experience at Red Rocks would have been different. Let’s say they still sell the last XL shirt right before my turn comes. Instead of leaving disappointed, I can still place an order for my favorite shirt and poster – and I don’t even have to carry it around the entire show. It gets shipped directly to my house, arriving within a few short days after the concert. I leave happy, and the band is able to capture sales that they otherwise would have lost. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

What can Shaggy Badger do for bands?

Ultimately, Shaggy Badger is about helping bands. With our services, you can sell more merchandise, grow your fan base, and connect with music lovers all over the world. We’re made up of people that are just as passionate about music as you are. We know how difficult the business side of music can be. We’ve been there. For those reasons and more, we’re committed to helping both you and your fans have an incredible experience with merchandise.

Request a demo from us today to learn how we can help your band sell 25% more in merch!

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