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13 Band Merch Ideas You’re Not Thinking Of

Sure. Your band sells a variety of shirts, stickers, buttons, and maybe the occasional hoodie order, but what about mixing it up? 

Bands often think of merch as a euphemism for, “that box of shirts we had printed one time that is now in our van that we occasionally put out to sell at shows.” However, adding some flavor (Hot Sauce, anyone?) to your merch display can pay off with your fans and your sales. 

Here are some band merch ideas you’re probably not thinking of now, but definitely should be: 

1. Limited Edition Colored Vinyl

 Band Merch Ideas

Vinyl? Cool. A Limited Edition colored vinyl run of one of your most successful albums? Even better. United Record Pressing has been pressing vinyl here in the US for almost 70 years. One of the secrets to their longevity? Their color options are unique and eye-catching. 

2. Air Fresheners 

Band Merch Ideas

Air fresheners are not only an essential thing to put in your vehicle while on tour, but a great merch idea to customize and sell at shows. Make My Freshener provides a quick way to freshen up your merch table through customized air fresheners, which will quickly convert to profit for your band. 

3. Koozies


Band Merch Ideas

What better time to be there for your fans than when they need to keep their drinks cold?  (Hey man, there’s a beverage here!) Sites such as make it painless to order personalized koozies for your next gig. 

4. Posters

Band Merch Ideas
Let’s be honest – you’ve got your posters, but quality, screen-printed concert posters are hard to find. When done right and paired with a killer show or tour, posters can go a long way. Local printing shops are best, but there are great alternatives places like ThreadBird if you’re having trouble finding somewhere close by.


5. Framed Shirts

A blog post on band merchandise wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the mother of all merch, the t-shirt. Often there are fan favorites or classic styles that are no longer in rotation. In these cases, why not opt for framed shirts? You most likely have left-over inventory due to unforseen circumstances or miscalculated demand. Luckily, frames can be inexpensive on Amazon or at a local Michael’s.


6. Glasses


Glasses are great at holding water, man. Your band’s name on any glass is not only cool, but well-loved and used. has great rates.

7. Grocery/Tote Bags

Plastic bags are fading out, so your band can help save Mother Earth with reusable book or tote bags. Custom Earth Promo has a lot of great options for customizable options. 

8. USB Drives

Want to record a live show, but don’t want to go through the time and effort to release a full CD? Use USB drives to upload a live show and sell it at your next gig. You could even record a new song or future single to get some traction before the big release.  

9. Magnets

Into heavy metal? So are magnets. Good to use on the fridge to hold papers you’re too lazy to sort through. StickerMule is always a very reliable option. 

10. Dog Bandanas

Dogs with bandanas are always 13/10. Cheap to print, adorable pictures; you can’t go wrong. 

11. Record Slips

Once again playing on the vinyl rage, record slips can be a good way to stand out and catch eyes at your merch display.

12. Mugs

Few merch items compare to a good, solid, reliable mug. Custom mugs are typically cheap to produce and they make for a sure-to-please gift.  

13. Phone Cases

If done correctly, phone cases can be a great item to showcase at a merch table or online. Have some killer poster art? Easily turn it into a phone case that will protect fans’ phones in style.  


 Other Ideas

There are dozens of ideas that can separate your merch display or web store from everybody else’s. Kiss was able to sell a large variety of products to their fans. Some fans were even buried in Kiss coffins.

Connecting your online store to your merch table is another thing you can do to distinguish yourself to your fans. This allows your band to sell merchandise even when you run out of stock at the show. No fan wants to leave empty-handed, and with this service, they won’t have too! 

What other creative items would you want to see at your merch table? 


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