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Shaggy Badger is dedicated to helping musicians improve their merchandise systems both online and at the show through inventory and e-commerce management, detailed reporting, merchandise forecasting and more.  


Before Shaggy Badger: Managing your band’s inventory is such a pain that you never do it and because you never do it you lose out on a lot of sales and in turn leave your fans empty handed.

After Shaggy Badger: Inventory management is simple and automated, you’re able to see how well your merch is doing both online and from show sales.  Run out of a size at the show? Fan doesn’t want to carry it around at the venue? You can still take the order and we’ll ship the item to straight to the fan. 

Order Fulfillment

We warehouse and quickly ship product out for online orders

Detailed Reports

Automated reports to see how different products and tour dates stack up over time

Inventory Management

Know exactly how much inventory you have of each product both on hand and in the trailer

Sale Even When Out

Take the order at the show and we'll ship it directly to your fan

Merch Forecasting

Know what to buy before you go on tour so you're not left with extras or sell out

Marketing Insights

Automatically build your email list with every sale both online and at the show

Set Up

After requesting a demo, we’ll walk you through step by step to help set your band up with an account. Set up process moves at your pace as we integrate our system with your current merchandise situation. 


Selling with the online/in show connection allows you to sell product even when you’re out of stock, automatically capture customer’s email addresses, as well as keep updated information on inventory and sales. 


Once your account is set up, both online and show sells are put into one seamless report for you to analyze. You’ll get updates when you’re low on inventory, and know how much merch to buy before your next tour. 



Reporting Essentials
$ 14
  • Track Inventory
  • Auto Reporting
  • Weekly Merch Summary


E-commerce Managment
$ 34
  • Everything in 'Opener' Package
  • E-Commerce Management
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Merch Table/Online Store Connection
  • Auto Email List Builder

Tour Rat

Total Merchandise Management
$ 59
  • Everything in 'Opener' Package
  • Everything in 'Headliner' Package
  • Merch Forecasting
  • Advanced Inventory Management
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Tour Merch Management

Just looking for some free merch help? Download our Ultimate Merch Tracker spreadsheet, it’s 100% free.


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